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Development of Medical Examination Data Analysis Technology

Time-series data analysis: Periodic medical examinations are a valuable source of personal health care information and we can track the changes over time. We are developing a time-series data analysis technology based on a mathematical framework of state-space models to predict highly invasive blood test values by combining the personal profile of an individual such as sex, age, occupation, educational background, etc., with his or her lifestyle habits such as eating habits and exercise habits. Within this model, we are also developing technology that can simulate the effects of lifestyle improvements or deterioration on health.

Collaboration research with Hirosaki Center-of-Innovation’s Iwaki health promotion program: Hirosaki University has been conducting annual large-scale health examinations for local residents for more than 15 years. The health examinations collect data on more than 2,000 items, including molecular biological data such as whole genome information, intestinal flora, and oral flora, biochemical data such as blood tests, and physical data such as motor and cognitive abilities, as well as a personal profile including the social environment of the health examination participants. . We are working with the Center-of-Innovation initiative of Hirosaki University to analyze the Iwaki Health Promotion Project's time series data using our analysis techniques and to provide participants with information that can be used to develop concrete action plans for health promotion and disease prevention.

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