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We are looking for Project Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Researcher  who will be engaged in the development and research of data analysis technology in data analysis related to the cancer genome . (As of October 14, 2021)

 Click here for application guidelines,only available in Japanease

Graduate students (including working students) for master's and doctoral programs who are interested in our researches, please contact us.


Our laboratory develops theories and methodologies for big data analysis based on Bayesian statistics, machine learning and deep learning in the research field of life sciences. In bioinformatics, we are particularly interested in state-of-the-art sequencing data analysis and systems biology analysis. In addition, the use of supercomputers is indispensable for such big data analysis. Using the SHIROKANE supercomputer at Human Genome Center, students in our lab can learn practical data analysis using Python, R and C (C++).


We also conduct a lot of collaborative research with medical doctors and experimental researchers, and many seminars on genome data analysis and other topics. Students majoring in information science do not need to worry if they do not have much knowledge of genomes or other life science subjects.

Graduate students belong to Department of Computer Science in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo. Please refer to the web page of the Department of Computer Science for more information about entrance examinations.


Many of our students have been admitted from other universities in the past. Please contact us at for questions, consultations, or to visit our labs. We are also available for online interviews.

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