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Data Analysis in Kampo Medicine

Development of Kampo inquiry system: The diagnosis in Kampo medicine differs from the diagnosis in Western medicine in that it is based on a combination of multiple pathologies (e.g., qi deficiency, qi counterflow, qi stagnation, blood deficiency, blood stasis, fluid disturbance, etc.) that belong to the broad categories of “qi, blood and fluid”. This disease is also registered in the International Classification of Diseases as defined by the WHO. In addition to tongue and abdominal diagnoses conducted by Kampo medicine specialists who make full use of the five senses, the patient's own complaints (subjective symptoms), which are called inquiry, including the patient's constitutional tendencies, are also important in the examination of Kampo medicine. In order to perform tongue and abdominal diagnoses accurately, a lot of experience and training are required. Therefore, we are developing a Kampo inquiry system that supports doctors in diagnosing Kampo medicine by predicting the Kampo diagnosis based on the inquiry data, which are the patient's own complaint.

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